I sang a song I had not sung before
Beat right out of the deep black blue surrounding all
Upbeat tempos’s far from my deal
Waiting in the stillness so far from the expression that should be
I hope I sang loud enough for you to hear
Coming swiftly, down so low inside my heart
Spine’s tingling while the music dances on
Hearing shouts and thoughts said out way too loud
I could not bear to see the flame lick the wounds
While those dark black eyes smiles at me in cooling song
A memory fades along with dreams
Sleeping restlessly among the heaps I’ve made
Desperate enough to cry out like it would not be in vain
Singing songs I know must one day come in real
Endless streams of minds along the road ahead
Smiling, smiling, smiling so carelessly under the skins
Drifting and echoing songs I’ve never sang before