My back is turned towards the cliffs,

their ungainly depths a memory alone

of hellish stench and grievous wounds

In the dark I stand

tasting the cold

the icy winds remembering me

that I feel and am, alive just broken

The tiny light within my chest,

a steadfast glow creates around,

shines on nothing but sand and silence,

silence made from nothing.

Above me stars, dancing slightly

unguiding as the wind itself

yet pillars strong and dear

A tiny smile across my mind

breathe in, breathe out, heart slow and steady

alive yet still, fleeing yet waiting

And so I wait, and so I wait

for the dawn so true and wanting

minds eye seeing and longing

for the smell of lifes and works

Like a rock within, longing for growth and green and clouds above,

the only tear left in me

I spill for longing after the song

And still I wait, unmoving

And still I wait, deep breathing

And so I wait, endlessly wishing

That I could long for more